Manchow soup!!

One of my most favourite .  Manchow soup is something which is easily available now a days. This recipe is drafted in such a way that anyone can make it. very easily and that too with few simple ingredients. Palate of each person is different so you can adjust the ingredients especially soy sauce according … Continue reading Manchow soup!!

Smoky Gazpacho 

Soups are famous for the warmth and a treat they give to your palate . We enjoy them thourghly in cold weather. Gazpacho is one of the cold soup which is really famous internationally for its freshness and taste. Most common way to serve a gazpacho is in frosted glass. The traditional recipe of it … Continue reading Smoky Gazpacho 


Rissotto of any flavour is something which is really wow. Though in India it is not v famous (don’t know why) but I love them. I have attached images of step by step procedure for base of rissotto, based on that we can make many variations of it. Buying a authentic arborio rice is most … Continue reading Rissotto